Evil Dead Gets 10/10 From The Craft Comics Cast!

Evil Dead Gets 10/10 From The Craft Comics Cast!

The Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn trade paperback was given a glowing review by the Craft Comics Cast. It was featured on their Febuary 21st episode “Imposter, Interceptor, Predator and Evil Dead 2”

Some choice quotes from the review include:

“It’s obvious that Space Goat is a fan of the franchise. If you’re not a fan, you’re not producing stuff like this”

“Reads Smooth”

“Artwork: 10/10”

You can hear the whole review on their website. (The Evil Dead review starts at 40:20)

More about Craft Comics Cast

“The Craft Comics Cast was founded in early January of 2015.  The hosts are Ben Truax and Jeff Dragonette. Our goal is to develop an active and cohesive community around the craft (indie) comic book industry. A community that creates a feedback loop of support, involving the publishers, creators, retailers and fans. It is our hope, that working together we can grow the fan base for the craft industry.  This would be done by actively turning on readers of the big two, as well as bringing current non comic book readers into the fold.”

More about Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn

“Demonic Hordes! Possessed Parents! Severed Hands! The complete “sequel before the other sequel” collected in one handy Necronomicon-sized package. Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn Vol. 1 collects the complete first mini-series. Picking up where the Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell movie left off, Annie and Ash are trapped in Hell, fighting their way through a demon horde to rescue her parents, using only the Ex-Mortis and the Kandarian dagger. Is it enough? Or will they kick Ash? (Also available as a Painted Cover Variant!)” You can pre-order it here.