Space Goat Productions – Contact

Comic book veteran Shon C. Bury created Space Goat Productions in 2006. Since then, Space Goat has been the comic book industry’s premier talent management and production studio, providing art and creative services for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Legendary. Space Goat is invaluable in helping our clients with all their creative services and production needs. Our leadership team has 120+ years of experience making comic books, TV, animation, video games, commercial art, and concept design. There is virtually nothing we can’t do with our exclusive access to hundreds of artists and a seasoned support staff of designers, project managers, and marketers. 
Space Goat also turns its colossal resources inward to produce brand-new and original comic books by industry pros and newcomers alike.
Space Goat makes comics better. Come make them with us.
Space Goat Productions operates out in the great Pacific Northwest in the city of Bellingham. 
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