January Artists Available Soon!

January Artists Available Soon!

Available Soon: Penciler Oscar Bazaldua  Available Soon: Inker Carlos Eduardo   Contact us today if you’re interested in seeing more work from Oscar and Carlos. More Talent...
Dark Souls Comic brought to life by Alan Quah

Dark Souls Comic brought to life by Alan Quah

Space Goat Productions artist Alan Quah (Godzilla Awakening, Orphan Black) will be teaming up with George Mann (Doctor Who: The 11th Doctor) on Titan’s Dark Souls Comic. It will be based off of the popular Namco-Bandai video game which has sold over 8 million...

Ted Naifeh’s Superhero Comic to be Published by Space Goat

Space Goat Productions is proud to announce they will be publishing Ted Naifeh’s upcoming superhero comic book: Heroines. The celebrated author…

Entertainment Weekly Talks The Terminator! 

Over the past couple of months, we’ve brought you news about board games based on two of the greatest ever films to star Kurt Russell: The Thingand Big Trouble in Little China. What if you like ’80s movie-themed board games but don’t like Kurt Russell? Well, that’s just crazy talk! However…

Mental Floss Talks Terminator Board Game!

The Terminator is back—this time, in board game form. Space Goat Productions, a Washington-based comic book studio, has announced that it’s launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund an official game based on the classic 1984 movie…

“Space Goat has provided us with some high-level talent and hit some very demanding deadlines. Much like aspirin, they’re the miracle cure.” Alex Antone

Associate Editor, DC Entertainment

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